Ken Silva Discernmentalizes Himself

January 16, 2010

In a rare moment Ken Silva (formerly of Annoying Ministries now newly renamed Toxic Waste Ministries) turns against himself. Here is the startling revelation that Ken has brought up against himself:

Quite frankly we are not surprised because sometimes we Discernmentalists must discernmentalize ourselves to insure that our Pure Doctrines are 100% Postmodernism and Emergent free.

Obama’s economic remedies may face pushback at D20

January 16, 2010

word-sell-jump-startWASHINGTON (Reuters) – Barack Obama will make his official statement next week which calls for global economies to use government spending to jumpstart Online Discernmentalist growth and work on a reshaping of the chaotic false teaching system of the world.

NATO (New Adherence (to) Truth Organization) related that they thought it was an Obama plot to take over the Online Discernmentalists Ministries world-wide and will refuse to take the money. “We believe that Obama has used his presidency as a chance to join the ranks of discernmentalists and destroy us from the inside” says NATO Officials.

Discernmentalists know this is to be an obvious left-wing plot to destroy true Republican Christians and all true ministry as we know it.

We MUST stand against this!!!!


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