Is Ken Silva The Anti-Christ?

Ken Silva in another twist of fate has renamed the  newly renamed Toxic Waste Ministries: Raw Sewage Ministries— in order to avoid Phil Johnson‘s wrath, snarky sneaky suspicions.  Upon further discernmentalization our GOIP Bot 3000 has detected why—Ken Silva is secretly hiding the number 666 somewhere on the pages of his Blog-site. Here is photographic evidence of what clearly can be seen as containing the number 666—we have blown up the section that we believe WE KNOW contains the number 666 for further proof:

The only illogical conclusion that we can draw from this is that Ken Silva could be, probably, quite possibly, most definitely, certainly is the Anti-Christ or at least a possible candidate  for the Anti-Christ elect. Is Ken Silva the Anti-Christ? Perhaps the world may never know.

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