Boycott Martin Luther King Day

Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Baptist minister and Baptists are heretics with the soul-destroying disease, Baptici hereticus. Also Baptists have unbiblical and Semi-Pelagian church polity as Sharin’ Whiplash reminds Discernmentalists that Absolute Truth Biblical church polity is Presbyterian in nature—we who are God’s True Elect Know this.  In this way, Martin Luther  King, Jr. led many souls astray by spreading the disease Baptici hereticus—not only that he was a communist and socialist bent on destroying America.

Martin Luther  King, Jr. may have had a dream but that dream was for a socialist and communist America and  that’s heresy. John MacArthur and Todd Friel warn us about the falseness of the Socialist Gospel. It isn’t the True Gospel of God’s Wrath upon 99.9% of all of humanity. This is why True Americans and True Christians (Born Elect Republicans) should never take part in holidays dedicated to anti-American reprobates such as the heretic: Martin Luther  King, Jr.

7 Responses to Boycott Martin Luther King Day

  1. Arthur McJohn says:

    Wow… those guys of jesus-is-saviour are very fond on discernmentalism. They have even condemned John MacArthur as heretic! I wonder if we are not so holy and orthodox as they are.


  2. Benjamin Ady says:


    I am feeling quite down and lonely today, and I just wanted to say thanks for being here on the web. Your posts totally make me smile. You’re awesome.


  3. itodyaso says:


    Thanks… I want to thank my mother, my dad and of course most of all God Almighty… oh… wait, Don Jobson wrote this one. I would assume he would thank those also.

    I. Todayso


  4. donjobson says:

    Arthur—I believe those King James Bible jesus-is-saviour discernmentalists are extremist GOIPERs—they’ve even gone so far as to separate themselves from the real GOIP. They said we aren’t violent enough for their tastes.

    Benjamin—my colleague Dr. I. Todyaso is right.


  5. […] than baptism by Immersion as their is less of a chance of getting these Baptist related diseases: Baptici hereticus part of the Bapticus bacterium family or it’s close relatives in the Semi-Pelagite bacterium […]


  6. […] mass-murderers create statues—let alone statues of mass-murderers! Haven’t people read my excellent article exposing MLK as the man-exalting reprobate that he was. Excerpt: Martin Luther King, Jr. was a […]


  7. Richard ndunda says:

    The church of Christ is going astray with many sins being practised i.e some church members like those some of anglican & orthodox i hear the practise gay and lesbianitism and this if i’m sure it is brought about by the devils agents who bring about evil spirits among the believers it’s like wolves among the sheeps my fellow christians it’s in high time we start to pray and also inspect the clergy team to eradicate the rotten wolves who are in sheep clothing and still get to know that we ourselves must be firm christian by obtaining true righteouness by participating in worship, prayer and reading the bible day and night so as Christ will not found us asleep for what i fear is a reading in bible of book of mal4:1-4 ‘for behold cometh , that shall burn as an oven, all the proud, yea,and all that do wickedly, shall be stubble: and the day that cometh shall burn them up, saith the Lord of Host, that it shall leave them up neither root nor branch…….. lest I come and smite the earth with a curse says the Lord. so the way is that let us do repent and turn to the Lord and He will hear us and say matt7:7 …ask and it shall be given unto you .be blessed.


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