Unity in hate!

We discernmentalists know that anyone seeking unity is out to destroy the true biblical church. That is why we have invented the “Unity in Hate Machine,” yours for only $19.99….and if you order now you will get a pair of steak knives for free….and that’s not all we will throw in a towel absolutely free if you order now! Now!

The “Unity in Hate Machine,” detects anyone Bible studying with a non-approved Christian such as a Roman Catholics, Arminians or Democrats …and sounds a distinctive alarm when detecting culprits. It is a high pitched alarm that cannot be heard by these particular denominations and a black spray is applied to culprit. Religious police are quickly dispatched and apostates whisked off to be interrogated about their theology. Remember, anyone promoting unity is suspect and probably a closet ecumenical.

Order now while supplies last!

Truthslayer endorsed.

One Response to Unity in hate!

  1. […] being the apostates they are—are guilty by association for being ecumenical against our clear teachings with the perverted Scientology cult: “”They are a class act,” he said of the […]


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