Followers declare John McArthur infallible!


Followers declare John McArthur infallible!

John MacArthur pointing out he is #1

(Lighthouse Fails news source) In a recent poll at Grace to You in which those that follow that ministry daily and even attend Grace Community Church where asked if they believed John MacArthur to ever be wrong. As they tabulated the votes, it was pointed out that 100% of those that were “true believers” and Elect stated that John MacArthur was never wrong! The rest of the votes were tossed out for suspect of being tainted by Emergent Village spies. John MacArthur celebrated by buying a new suit and handing out signed copies of his book, The Truth War and smiling in a recent Larry King interview and debate. Spurgeon, Luther, and Calvin were not available for comment. Yet we were able to contact I. Todyaso who heads the ever popular and extremely self righteous blog “The Online Discernmentalist Mafia” who stated, “Who would have thought otherwise?” and mentioned that the rumors of John MacArthur’s love for basketball has not set a lower standard for other ODMs.

6 Responses to Followers declare John McArthur infallible!

  1. truthslayer says:

    I believe that there are Emergent spies in most churches, ready to infiltrate and alter any church voting aspirations.


  2. donjobson says:

    Clearly eventhough basketball is the same as some dark pagan heathen game:

    James Naismith’s Creation and Primary Development of Basketball
    James Naismith left many diaries and interviews that explain clearly how and when he created basketball. Massachusetts had cold winters, and people wanted a game that could be played inside. Naismith was a Canadian teacher, born in Almonte, Ontario on the 16th November, 1861.[1]. Naismith was an orphan from early in his life, and his uncle led him to study Hebraism and philosophy, to train to become a priest.
    Ancient origins
    Naismith also knew a couple of ancient religious traditions: the Mayan po-ta-pok and the Aztec tchlatchli. Po-ta-pok was played using a full inside ball made by rubber[6] and a ring, placed on a pole, as in the modern basketball, but vertically. Inside the ring usually there were religious symbols, and in Chichén Itzá, there is the typical image of Quetzalcoatl, one of their Gods[7]. Dozens of players could take part. During po-ta-pok matches, injuries and even deaths were common, due to the ball’s heaviness and the violence of the game. Sometimes, the losing team was supposed to be sacrificed to God[8]. Tchlatchli was more or less the same. There is a famous anecdote about a match between the teams of Nezahualpilli, tlatoani of Texcoco, and Moctezuma II, tlatoani of Tenochtitlan (tlatoani means “ruler”). They organised the match because they didn’t agree on a prophecy about the conquest of their kingdoms by a foreign country: Nezahualpilli agreed, Moctezuma didn’t. The first one won three matches out of five, and in the same year, the Spanish army conquered their kingdoms[9]. (See: Mesoamerican ballgame)

    MacArthur sanctifies basketball with his self-righteous presence unlike those heathen Emergents with their pagan and demonic Yoga.


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  4. Arthur McJohn says:

    Not only John MacArthur sanctifies basketball with his holy presence; he could even sanctify comunist soccer!


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