Discernmentalists: Go Forth And Blog!

January 25, 2010

Discernmentalists our  Führer has commanded us to go forth and blog—so therefore we must. We must blog in a self-righteous manner about the glories of our Truth Wars. We must blog not in a Roman Catholic way—but in a Bible-Based way by attacking and slandering those who don’t agree with our Sovereign TruthsTodd Friel adds that we should be as ignorant and arrogant as possible when we blog as a way of getting our Reformed message of Absolute Truth out there. Also we should always speak in Discernmentalese when blogging about our neo-Platonism Absolute Truth Doctrines. Well get to it—go forth and blog!

Don Jobson—blogging against for the Truth.

Pooling ignorance

January 25, 2010

We, like other discernmentlists like pooling our ignorance together. The more ignorance, the denser the matter. In fact physicists don’t have to go into deep space for dense matter for we have blessed with it right here on earth. This is why we encourage fellow discernmentalists to foster more ignorance about the Emerging Church. Remember, the REAL EMERGENT CHURCH is about feelings, candles, and emotions.

We choose vilifying the entire movement rather than trying to understand it.

We strongly suggest isolated quotes in proving that you are right! We encourage ignoring eras of history in place of stringing  isolated bible passages together to prove our point. After-all, its better to FEEL biblical than to actually understand what the NT teaches….thereby actually being biblical.

Dense matter matters. Get it?

Pooling ignorance for truth matters….because after all we are in a truth war…and truth must be shoved aside IF we are going to safe-guard the truth.


*** On a serious note it is worth perusing Act3 Online, Pastor Scott’s Blog or read: Listening to the beliefs of emerging churches: five perspectives By Robert Webber

Advice to ODM’s concerning comments

January 25, 2010

Advice to ODM’s concerning comments:

  1. Unless you are well versed in put-downs and twisting others words do not allow comments on your blog. This way you do not have to interact or be held accountable for your words. For examples of this, here is Ken Silva’s CRN and Apprising Miniseries.
  2. If you do allow comments, make sure your audience is dumber than you are. A great example of this is Phil Johnson. Just pick any post and read through. I also helps you look good to have abusive friends help gang up on those who disagree with you.
  3. If you are well versed in twisting others words then continue the slander you started in the post and transfer it on those who seek to hold you to some “biblical” standard of honesty. They seem to call this bearing false witness or some such nonsense. For a great source to learn how to do this here is Discerning the World.
  4. Finally, the best way to handle comments is to deem anyone who disagrees with you a heretic. Instead of entering a real dialog with someone you just skewered, tell him or her to repent! Mike Ratliff is a master at this one.
  5. Again, we look to Mike Ratliff for his genius ability to turn his comment threads into echo chambers. This can be done rather simply. Write down to your readers and heavily moderate your comments. When you see a “Yes-man” response be sure to let them go through… also make sure you throw around a lot of “Amen’s” to make you look really good.
  6. Lastly, be sure to utilize the comment thread to beat down your readers with more lies and links youtube.com videos of your latest evangelist outreach. Then condemn those critics by accusing them of not doing enough to get people saved!

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