We must stand against Rick Warren’s PEACE plan!


Rick Warren showing us that the PEACE plan is only about himself!

Warren‘s PEACE Plan The ODMafia Analysis
1.Was: Plant churches  Changed to: Promote Reconciliation This is just another scheme to sell more books! (We wish we thought of it first!) We must stand against this as Rick plans to try to end “Spiritual emptiness” under the cruel and unbiblical idea of planting churches and preaching… Reconciliation! We hate that!
2. Equip servant leaders This is just another ploy to get rid of the priest laity division. Which is fine as that idea is “reformed” BUT! What Rick is really doing is taking away OUR jobs! Yes, he is trying to bring down the walls between the Forever-And-Righteous-Theologians and the peons that think they can just read the bible and understand without our help! How dare Rick Warren think he can equip anyone better than we can!
3. Assist the poor What the Hell for? They got themselves in that mess. If they were just committed to the Holy Economics of Capitalism then they would not be poor and be rich like me! The real issue is poor people riding the system and using my tax money to buy big screen TV’s and Wii’s!
4. Care for the sick And this… this is just a code for socialism… Rick Warren just wants to pass the Health Care bill so that we will be equal with Canada!
  Of course this means then that Rick Warren is for abortion if he supports Obama (the antichrist himself!) and the evil Health Care bill!
  This also means Rick Warren is trying to stop the spread of AIDS. How dare he go against God’s holy means of judging those homos!
5. Educate the next generation By educate Rick Warren means he wants me to pay for third world schools to educate those living there! This means our products we send there to have them make at a lower cost will now cost more! How can we keep Wal-Mart supplied with low cost (near slave labor) products
  This also means that Rick Warren wants women to be equal with men! How unbiblical is that! We have only a few exemptions like Ingrid of Slice, Deborah of DTW and Paula at her blog (is that even still up and going?)
By education, Rick Warren also means that I will have to stop driving my Hummer and drive a hybrid car!  

The final analysis is that Rick Warren has gone insane! His ego is only surpassed by our self righteous judgment of him! Be sure to send him a note telling him how he needs to stop this silliness before he embarrasses all of us True Christians!

5 Responses to We must stand against Rick Warren’s PEACE plan!

  1. truthslayer says:

    I refused to be embarrassed. Instead I will KEEP my head buried in the sand in a righteous stand against this idolatry. How dare he affront capitalism, and help the poor and needy. It is ghastly that he would even suggest educating the third world. Equiping servant leaders? This is just Warren’s way of creating little ‘warrenites’ to go and do his bidding. This strikes me as Marxist.

    This just makes me sick. We must take a stand!


  2. seb says:

    as a christian i think we should lend a helping hand(its biblical); im not saying buy a hobo a mansion, a plasma screen, and a wii, but jesus came to serve, not be served and i think we should do the same. just think if you were to be put in the same situation as third world people, having to go 4 hours to get infectious water then go another 4 hours to get back to your home to then drink that dirty water. god made the man as a symbol of significance above the woman, but he didn’t say guys are beter, he made us all equal. if you were a true true chrisian you would say the same!


  3. seb says:

    as christians we should have to face HUMILITY. i would rather be embarrassed than have someone die cause i didn’t wanna be embarrassed


  4. seb says:

    and i don’t know about this ”rick warren” guy because i don’t watch the news and im 12 and im supposed to be enjoying my life:)


  5. seb says:

    as chinese philosopher lau-tzu said ”it is better to live a simple life” we should live a simple life in christ; if you r rich, then good for you, but we should all give thanks to the lord, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd class people…… i gptta do my science report or else im gonna get in trouble soooo gotta go ps:i go to dade christian school


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