Capitalism should be honoured….never questioned

January 31, 2010

We at the ODMafia purposefully NEVER question capitalism. We don’t ask difficult questions about exploitation of the Third World and we frown on Marxist things like Fairtrade (because fairness and equity are likely works of communism or the devil).

We believe that CEO’s should make 20 million a year. We also believe that when 2,000 factory workers are laid off because that same company that pays the CEO bajallions of dollars is hard up, and must do what they can to make a go in this tough world. We don’t really care if the people at the bottom get paid a pittance and work 12 hrs a day, in some hot sweaty workshop.

We believe capitalism is fully, completely biblically endorsed. In fact to help the poor is the enable them. To speak out for workers who can’t quite squeak out a living is pretty darn close to socialistic activities of unions. We don’t believe in justice, because we know that the bible only speaks about personal / individualistic salvation. Remember anyone who emphasizes weightier issues (Matthew 23) such  as justice, mercy and faithfulness are commie red letter Christians and should be ignored. We need to focus on triviality….because to us…they are the big things!

That is why we at ODMafia feel the need to speak up. Stop attacking capitalism. Stop sharing, and start climbing to the top!


PS Please hold this quote dear to your heart “Neither I nor capitalism needs to change. You guys are pretty pathetic.” Jan Markell, Olive Tree Ministries

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