Fact checking not our problem

February 1, 2010

Our research robot monkey’s found this following question at a watchblogofcrn “Do not Spiritual Discernment persons check the facts reported by other Spiritual Discernment persons before spreading it on the internet?”

Silly. Silly. Silly.

Ron Hodgman, discernmentalists are about the “true” truth….ie discernmentalist facts. Discernmentalist truth works differently than normal truth. Discernmentalisets don’t need to check facts.We simply KNOW. We get information (even your secret thoughts) from osmosis, random birds that fly to our window sill, and spending a lot of time looking for demons under bushes and coffee tables (ie usually emergent coffee tables next to emergent couches).

You see we like to point the finger at everyone else and find fault (ie sin). We get angry when people point out our faults which are almost non-existent.

Fact checking is not our problem. We discernmentalists speak a lot about integrity, truth, values, scripture and our love for the bible…..just don’t expect us to live up to that. It is OUR job to point our YOUR faults….and your job to repent so that we can feel like BIG CHRISTIANS. Perception is everything.

Again, fact checking is not our problem. We are above accuracy.


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