WWRRD? Part 1

New World Order Weekend asks WWRRD (What Would Ronald Reagan Do)? as Discernmentalists remember the glories of Ronald Reagan’s America this week as compared to the evils of Obama’s America.

Things we remember Reagan for:

  1. Capitalism
  2. Tax cuts for the rich
  3. Acting
  4. Single handedly destroying Communism forever
  5. Jelly-beans
  6. Response to Challenger disaster
  7. His Christian faith

Things we choose not to remember Reagan for:

  1. Acting
  2. Enabled the Taliban
  3. Sanctioned “terrorist operatives” in South and Central America and Africa
  4. CIA assassinations of democratically elected leaders
  5. Iran-Contra fiasco
  6. Supported  Saddam Hussein
  7. Did we  mention he supported terrorist organizations?

6 Responses to WWRRD? Part 1

  1. […] further the legacy, ideas, and worldview of my father. I am also working to oppose the revisionist true history that is being written about my father by mythologizing, creating fables, making idols out of his […]


  2. […] campaign with liberal unbiblical bible verses at that! We must stop their attacks and continue our WWRRD? campaign at all costs. Help support our campaign by giving us money and donating to The Theocratic Calvinist […]


  3. […] also  not like the terrorists. We do not believe in war, materialism and worldly methods of taking over church denominations […]


  4. Lebron is a joke in my eyes! I mean really, I lost all respect for him after ‘The Decision”


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    • itodyaso says:

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