Bad news Bob needs you!

Are you tired of all the good news the proliferates the air waves, print publications and the internet? Now you can report nothing but bad news…..and bad news about the Christian world! You read correctly!

You can report on the bad news of other Christians AND increase traffic to your website…..all thanks to Discerning The World.

They need reporters.

Are you up for…

a) reporting sensational news?

b) reporting bad news?

c) quickly grabbing links to BOOST your web cred?

Here is a snipped “Report on: New Age infiltration into Churches – Stories of top ranking Pastors who deceive -Prosperity Gospel – Ministries who are clearly nuts and preach utter nonsense -Cults -Vatican News – Interfaith – Christian persecution – New World Order takeover – Hollywood and their anti-Christian agenda – Advancement of Technology – Demise of Freedom of Speech – European Union / United Nations plans of world domination – Non Christian news of interest that affects the world – Biblical Prophecy – False Prophecy that did not come true or False Prophecy that anyone with half a brain cell can tell will not come true –  Conspiracies that actually seem plausible, etc.”

Are you looking for a ministry that is clearly nuts? This may be for you! This IS for you!

Clearly an edifying website. You and your entire family can build themselves by bringing everyone one else down.

This is your chance to be like the National Inquirer. You don’t need to fact check. Just report. You don’t need credentials…all you need is a good juicy story (gossip)….but edifying gossip. Only the best biblical gossip will do. And you may have the opportunity to use STRETCH TECHNOLOGY.

Apply now!


Right now!

Truthslayer endorsed….because its bible based. Discernmentalism at its best.

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