The temptation to pass judgment

Fellow warriors, we are under attack again for our valiant stand on truth by ACT3 Online Ministries!!!

The temptation to pass judgment upon the life or testimony of other individuals is clearly warned against in the New Testament. ” BUT….it lifts us discernmentalist ministries to the status of truth warriors. It makes us feel better than others by pointing out the failings of others or perception that others are worse than us. We like our measuring sticks! In fact discernmentalizing others give us life! We feed from this.

We must battle those that judge us and attempt to hold us accountable!!!!

They are fighting against our rightful need to discernmentalize!!!

We must put a stop to anyone who is against us.

We discernmentalists will not be held accountable….for we answer to no one due to our PURE doctrines.

Please join us in our great and mighty fight against opposers!


Just a thought……..What Would Ronald Reagan Do? (WWRRD)

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