Send us your donations – John Hagee

cashThe ODMafia robot research monkeys love to give donations. Our monkey’s give till it hurts, and then reach into the wallets of Itodyaso and Truthslayer and give some more. We are delighted to see that for the 5 selections at John Hagee Ministries – Donations has 14 to choose from (almost outnumbering other topics 2 to one ratio).

ODmafia believes donations to a TV ministry is the cornerstone of any true church. The early disciples would have never made a go of the gospel without sending millions to the Early Church Father John Hagee of John Hagee Ministries of 95AD.

Please donate now so that John Hagee can spread the Gospel of Zionism and ensure that his family can live in biblical style. Don’t let them starve! Even as little as $1,000 dollars is a good start.

Remember, without a TV ministry….you are NOT really a ministry at all.


PS Remember, beware of Democrats.

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