Discernmentalists call for more home-skoolin’

February 14, 2010

Discernmentalists across North America are in gear to promote home-skoolin. We know that we are under attack. Our pure doctrines are set to fail if we can’t teach our kids a good edumacation. In that case, we need to keep em’ home and skool them in readn and bible learnen. By sheltering our kids from communist leaning skools, and making sure they don’t socialize we can set them straight so that they know the truth….the absolute truth.

We at ODmafia home-skool our kids and teach them only the TRUE TRUTH. In other words the only truth is the bible, and stuff like math, geography, history is false truth (secularism). We don’t need that stinkin’ secular thinkin, what we need is certainty and absolute pure doctrines.

Truthslayer approved, and a Don Jobson thumbs up!

PS iTodyaso will soon beginning a biblical home-school of discernmentalism for children.

Photograph: nowthatsnifty.blogspot.com (If for some reason you are blind or can’t read the reference in the photo!)

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