Extra Concerned Nazarenes begins new site

Extra Concerned Nazarenes (ECN) has built a website to combat emergent heresy. Despite the fact that Concerned Nazerenes already has a site, Extra Concerned Nazarenes contend that they are 45% more biblical than their counterpart. They claim that their articles and insights are far more indepth and truthful than the regular run of the mill Concerned Nazarenes. A spokesman for ECN noted “…we don’t believe that Concerned Nazarenes is concerned enough. We needed to up the ante on concern. In fact as a ‘concern quotient’ NO ONE is as concerned as us….we set the standard with regard to concern” ECN has decided to build a reputation on overgeneralizations and hearsay as the basis of attacking the Emerging Church.




One Response to Extra Concerned Nazarenes begins new site

  1. […] and more concerned than other people who generally make the claim of being concerned (like Extra Concerned Nazarenes who are not affiliated with Very Concerned Nazarenes!) We are very-extra-extremely-concerned (even more so than Very Concerned Nazarenes). We worry that […]


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