Strange Brew: Bob & Doug rumoured to start new discernmentalist ministry

Canada’s latest discernment ministry announcement!!!!

The ODMafia is the first to note that Bob & Doug are beginning their own discernmentalist ministry (ODM). It is rumoured that they will specialize in discernmentalizing only the following: Brian Mclaren, Rob Bell and Rick Warren…. based on advice from the top discernmentalists in America. This will likely be the very best and brightest ODMs from Canada. The great white north has been holding out on us for the longest time, but this contingent of discernmentalism will probably put Canada on the map (good luck finding it)….and put a stop  to those those peace & love commie hordes!

In addition Bob & Doug plan to hunt down army deserters and “discernmentalize” them on the spot! We KNOW they are all hiding in Vancouver under the guise of watching the Olympics.


PS If Bob and Doug could….they’d be voting Republican.

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