Just say NO!!!!!

Discernmentalists are too good for bible tools. We don’t need scholars who have spent a lifetime studying a bible book to tell us what the book is meant to convey. In fact, it is up to us to insist on what the text means and enforce that meaning. We purposefully read Calvinist doctrines out of our bibles because Calvin was around from the beginning. We read the meaning we need INTO the text. If America is at war, we can pull texts from their original intent to suggest bludgeoning a foreign country into submission. If we need to prove someone wrong, we have our own, original and unique interpretations to set someone straight.

Bible commentaries are a nuisance for us (especially at the ODMafia), they get in the way of pointing fingers at our opponents. We know that other Online Discernmentalist Ministries think the same way. Just remember, it is all about purity of doctrines MORE than anything else. Most commentaries written are NOT good enough for us, they don’t hold to the truest doctrines that we hold up to…..because we are super Bereans.

Remember what Jesus said… “Bless are those with pure doctrines, for theirs is the Kingdom of God….”



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