Emergents take true form!

In this startling turn of events our research robot monkeys have been following the seducing sorceress Dan Kimball and his notorious vehicle of doom. Over the course of several weeks we have been watching his every move, expecting the worst and seeing the worst. Only NOW, in an unexpected turn of events did we see Dan Kimball and his emergent car take its true form!!!

We are as worried as everyone else! What if other emergents have the same type of car that begins to metamorph into some hideous metal spider monster? We KNOW what will happen…. soon emergents will rule the universe and destroy everything as we now know it.

If you suspect that your neighbour drives an emergent vehicle….you know what to do – find a PANIC STATION and hit the button.

Together we can stop this menace.


2 Responses to Emergents take true form!

  1. […] and build their own monster trucks to join the emergent mayhem. It was only a short time ago that Dan Kimball’s own vehicle was shown for its true colours – a giant spider […]


  2. […] Discernmentalists whenever  Brian McLaren’s Monster Truck and Dan Kimball’s Spider Vehicle of Doom are […]


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