Free online Online Discernmentalist Courses starting today!

As our readers know, the University of the Online Discernmentalist Mafia ( U of ODM) has been offering various discernmentalist studies at the university level. Excellence in fabrication, self-righteousness and so on has now been distilled into these fantastic free online discernmentalist courses. We hope that you find these inspiring enough that you will enroll full time!

So here is lesson number 1. Whenever another ministry is more popular than yours, find out all you can and begin by ‘dissing’ anything and everything you can. Take Rick Warren & Saddleback Church for instance. Hold him up to an impossible standard (because he is well known) and knock him down. Stretch the truth. Take things out of context….do what you have to do to destroy this reputation. We guarantee you will feel more spiritual….but call it discernment.  Make sure you place doubt in the minds of your readers…. that ministry “X” is bad and dangerous.

Popular ministries = bad. Only true ministries that have 4 followers are really authentic….because they are SOOOO biblical only the truly righteous remnant listens to them.

Just remember If other Ministries are more popular than yours, they must be BAD!!!!

Dr. Truthslayer…delivering excellence in fabrication

6 Responses to Free online Online Discernmentalist Courses starting today!

  1. […] here is one of the exciting new Free Online Discernmentalist Courses that we  are now offering. Discernmentalist Church History 101: Solo Calvinus—Pastor I. […]


  2. […] What is presumption with reference to discernment? 1. Behavior or attitude that is boldly arrogant or offensive; because we already know what we know. 2. The act of presuming or accepting as true….even if we have not checked, researched or understood another’s position. We simply KNOW our position is correct. See point Number 1. 3. Be bold, brash and pushy. Don’t tolerate dissension. Don’t accept another point of view….except to point out the obvious: Everyone is wrong. If you have to…. name call. Explain that that you have the right interpretation and if they do not get in line they are apostate, false and going to hell. Be snotty because this will help win your case. Dr. Truthslayer PS We recommend taking lesson number one first. […]


  3. Greldig Vedish says:

    What an idiot you are. You don’t interact with any specific critiques of Warren in order to show they are unreasonable, you are probably intellectually incapable of doing this. All you do is make shrill, incoherent ad hominem attacks. Haven’t you ever heard of the verse, ‘judge not lest ye be judged’?

    And if you are against all discernment, don’t you think it’s a tad hypocritical to be discerning the discerners? Please tell me this is a parody of sliced laodicea or Steven Furtick.


  4. itodyaso says:

    Ummm once again, have you read any of the disclaimers? If not, you should feel really silly when you do.


  5. truthslayer says:

    re: What an idiot you are.

    1) We suggest reading the disclaimer first (but thats up to you)

    2) We reserve the right to ad hominem and incoherent attacks….we are king of the discernmentalists…. incoherency is true discernmentalism. Besides we teach courses on this stuff.


  6. donjobson says:

    Indeed we are the Supreme Discernmentalists with our Hardcore Dogmatics and Discernmentalist Courses—we wrote the textbook that all Discernmentalists use.


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