Online Discernment Lesson # 2

The University of Online Discernmentalist Mafia offers excellency in discernment….ie discernmentalizing ministries across the world. We are happy to introduce another FREE lesson in discernmentalizing excellency.

Online Discernment Lesson # 2: Be presumptuous…always

What is presumption with reference to discernment?

1. Behavior or attitude that is boldly arrogant or offensive; because we already know what we know.
2. The act of presuming or accepting as true….even if we have not checked, researched or understood another’s position. We simply KNOW our position is correct. See point Number 1.
3. Be bold, brash and pushy. Don’t tolerate dissension. Don’t accept another point of view….except to point out the obvious: Everyone is wrong. If you have to…. name call. Explain that that you have the right interpretation and if they do not get in line they are apostate, false and going to hell. Be snotty because this will help win your case.
Dr. Truthslayer
PS We recommend taking lesson number one first.

12 Responses to Online Discernment Lesson # 2

  1. Greldig Vedish says:

    *sigh* So if someone goes around telling people 2+2 = 5 and I try to correct them, I am being “boldly arrogant and offensive because I know what I know”?

    I suppose you are one of those people who is against giving out grades in class, because “everyone has the right to be right”? Instead of being bitter and envious about your errors or lack of ability, don’t attack others. Work harder yourself and try your best. Try to grow up.

    But it does cheer me no end that this is about the only active anti-ODM site out there (if indeed it is not a parody of anti-ODM sites). This is truly one of the most juvenile, silly attempt at self-reinforcing blindness I’ve ever seen. Re-read your point 2 (in broken English, btw). Are you sure you understand the other side?


    • donjobson says:

      You are dumb—anyone with any rudimentary knowledge of Bible-Based Mathematics knows that 2 + 2 sometimes equals 10. We Know as here is our Bible-Based Equation:

      Using Eric Barger’s Bible-Based Mathematics System in which 2 + 2 doesn’t always equal 4 but sometimes equals 10—-here is the logically sound Biblical equation which proves this Absolute Fact: 2 + 2=4 but when turned upside down 2 looks like an inversed s and s looks like a 5 so therefore 2(s) or s + s really is 5 + 5 which means 2 + 2 turned upside down means that 2 + 2 sometimes equals 10.

      We also Know from Bible-Based Language Arts that the words “all” and “world” don’t always mean all and world. We’re here to educate people on these unimportant nonAbsolute Biblical Truths.


      • Greldig Vedish says:

        “We know 2+2 sometimes equals 10 with any rudimentary knowledge of Postmodern Emergent Mathematics! Therefore YOU dumb! Nah nah!”

        Isn’t that silly? Don’t you ever get tired of that and wonder if perhaps you are wrong about the issue of discernment?

        “We also Know from Bible-Based Language Arts that the words “all” and “world” don’t always mean all and world.”

        So do you think stones and apple seeds will be saved? After all, “all means all” doesn’t it?

        And in John 17:9, Jesus says, “I pray not for the world” But how can he say this?! I thought he loved the world!!! Me find this too confusing. Me go back to attack ODMmmafia! heh heh! Get it? Mmafia! Begin with ‘M’ like ministry. Alliteration is highest form of wit!

        Once again, do you see how surface level your criticisms are? This isn’t even parody. Parody is not hurling insults that could just as easily be applied to you. You have to at least interact with the content of the position you oppose and use parody to show why you think it is wrong.


        • truthslayer says:

          re: Isn’t that silly? Don’t you ever get tired of that and wonder if perhaps you are wrong about the issue of discernment? So do you think stones and apple seeds will be saved? After all, “all means all” doesn’t it?

          LOL…and the shallow criticism are precisely the point and what we satire. Too many unthinking and very shallow criticisms disguised as discernment. That is what we are a mirror to bad discernment.

          As per interaction, we link and provide a venue for interaction.


  2. Greldig Vedish says:

    You’re really a basket case aren’t you? And a coward as well. Don’t you think people see that? What do you think you’re accomplishing here anyway?


  3. itodyaso says:

    1. I will tell you this much… we know your are coward to come here and call us silly.

    2. Read point 1 again backwards in a mirror to see how silly you really are!

    3. Don’t bother reading the disclaimers… but one is up in the top right hand side of every page.

    4. Re-read point 3 and realize again, then read the disclaimer to see just how silly you are.


    • Greldig Vedish says:

      Yeah, I read the disclaimer. But why do you think that the phrase “Dude! This are parody! So not get upset!” would excused you from being criticized for producing an inaccurate, inept parody?

      Every good parody should at least try to make a case for the validity of its points (albeit ironically). But you give absolutely no reasons why you think the way you do. You throw around criticisms that could more easily be applied to you.

      It’s as if you were a tobacco lobbyist, and this site were called “Surgeon General’s Mafia” and had quotes like “I am Dr. Surgeon General. I arrogantly claim that cigarettes cause cancer, and I hope you die of it!”, instead of, perhaps, showing *why* you think cigarettes are not harmful.

      This whole site just comes across as shallow, shrill, and dishonest, and repeating the mantra “Reed teh Desclaimers in upper right!” doesn’t alter that fact.

      How am I a coward if I come here and want to discuss this with you rationally? If you can point me to where you’ve discussed your concerns on Phil Johnson’s blog (teampyro) or Chris Rosebrough’s (alittleleaven), then I will retract the charge of cowardice. Have you ever had a rational discussion of your concerns with anyone?


  4. addict says:

    the enemy of our soul is smarter than we are,{ But God…} oh and by the way 1+1 = 3


  5. itodyaso says:

    I am surprised how many do not get that 2+2 can equal 5 and be closer to 6 than 4.


    Go to a gas station and note the price. say it is 2.99 a gallon. Yet, notice it is not 2.99, but 2.99999999999 So then add this on a calculator. 2.999999 + 2.999999 and do you get 4? I bet you don’t

    BTW that is called simple math also know as “larger vaues”.


  6. itodyaso says:

    Oh and 1+1 does not always = 2 🙂 even science says this is not always true.


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