More dangerous books found! Rob Bell’s Velvet Elvis among the contenders. Regamuffin Gosple is another sinister book. The title itself suggests evil and rough-housing.

We must stop this menace before Christians begin to look at their bibles afresh! We must take care to suggest all of emergent is evil and wrong, rather than a case by case, church by church basis. We don’t have to take research seriously, thankfully we use osmosis for discernment.


13 Responses to Danger!

  1. Victor says:

    You silly goose Rob Bell is not evil nor the Raggamuffin Gospel or the Shack They are excellent books filled with Stellar Theological Work by Men who are modern day Scholars. Why are people so worried about Emergent Church. Homosexuality is bound to take over sooner or later so the Emergent Church sees the reality and wants to be relavant. The Shack, Great Book God loves it I prayed to Her and she said She has no problem with the book. And the Holy Spirit She is awesome. After all the Father was crucified on the Cross. And The Gay Issue. So what if your Gay. David and Jonathan were Gay. So why all the concern about the Emergent Church you silly goose. It is a new day and God is doing a new thing. The bible is a progressive book changing with the times, its the SPirit we follow. So gay was bad once but not anymore.

    I love your site it is great you sure tell those crazy heretic hunters off and put them in their place. How dare they try to uphold Truth. Truth is relative so who made them boss. I hate when people take the bible serious. Like God really wants us to like obey it what not.

    You God You Heretic Hunter Hunter.


  2. Larry Boy says:

    Glad to see that you guys are around to defend these poor hunted Emergent guys. I mean who esle is gonna put up a website to protect them from the Heretic Hunters. GOOD JOB! Bingo! Way to Go Champ! You inspire us all!

    What a Maron!!! LOL!!


    • itodyaso says:


      I sense a bit of tongue in cheek… at least I hope as otherwise you sound like a maron.

      Larry Boy,

      We think your are a maron also. Too bad you are so bitter over being called a pickle all the time.


  3. Larry Boy says:

    I am just treating you as you deserve. Answer a FOOL according to his folly. SO since your a moron and a fool I figured the shoe fits since you are wearing it. Have a blessed Day.


    • itodyaso says:

      “I am just treating you as you deserve. Answer a FOOL according to his folly. SO since your a moron and a fool I figured the shoe fits since you are wearing it. Have a blessed Day.”

      Victor, Larry Boy or Joe or whoever you are today… (since you are so brave and are not using your real name)

      Then you of all people should understand what this blog is about… since this is precisely what we are doing.

      It seems that you to are the Moran… ; )


  4. It can be agreed that everyone is a “Moran”? (-;


    • itodyaso says:

      I know I am… = ) And my besides that, my feet stink and my nose runs… so I must be built upside down. Now off for a cup of Joe and enjoy my Moranism…


  5. itodyaso says:

    BTW Who would want to eat rag muffins? Sounds terrible… but of course with enough butter anything may taste good.


  6. Thanks for putting my post about emergent church on your site. I LOVE THE PICTURE, HILARIOUS!!! I resubmitted the post and used that picture! Classic! It really fits the concept of how ridiculous these emergent church leaders are. Thanks again!


    • itodyaso says:

      Your welcome! We are glad to help spread the fear and hate of emergents. That was what Jesus was all about to people like you and us… Jesus hated people and died for only us who are good enough and so worthy of Grace, unlike those emergents! Thank God we can use the tools of this world to slander and harm others families, ministries and churches! The ODMafia applauds you efforts.


  7. Larry Boy says:

    itodyaso, Dude you sound like a real moron. Your logic is illogical. SO you can slander John MacArthur and slander others but he minute someone exposes the false teachings of the emergent church you act like a little girl and come to their aid. Grow a pair you big pansy!!!!! So when you confront someone who is teaching false doctrine you call that slander??? WHAT A MAROON!!!


    • truthslayer says:

      Larry Boy,

      First iTodyaso did not write this blog entry.

      Second, iTodyaso is in the hospital undergoing an operation….so he won’t be able to answer your points.

      Third, this blog entry does not address MacArthur. MacArthur has addressed numerous issues such as Emergent. We have no problems at all with analyzing, discerning etc but MacArthur has on numerous occasions taken the most extreme elements of whatever position he does not like (arminianism, charismatics, emergent, post-modernism etc) to prove how wrong they are. We acknowledge that there are problems with the Emergent Church, but to say that the entire movement is complete heresy is non-sense and lacks proper discernment. Therefore we satirize such things to make that very point.

      Just for the record I am not part of the Emerging Church movement…


  8. […] Dr. I. Todyaso underwent Cybernetic Heresy Hunting Surgery earlier today in order to increase our Heresy Hunting efficiency by 300% more than the average rate of other ODMs especially Ken Silva’s Raw Sewage Ministries. If Dr. I. Todyaso’s surgery goes well the rest of the Online Discernmentalist Mafia hope to follow suit bringing our Heresy Hunting accuracy to over 1000%. This new Cybernetic Heresy Hunting Surgery will also help in our preaching the Gospel of God’s Law and Wrath to all pictured here: […]


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