Rick Warren caught being disingenious says Christian Research Network

March 5, 2010

The ODMafia Research Robot Monkeys as always were on the prowl when the discovered the following discernmentalist quote from CRN:

“Although Rick Warren tweets the following today, the facts concerning Warren’s intricate involvement with Leadership Network seem to indicate that he’s being rather disingenuous here:

WARREN writes “The key to your church’s growth doesnt hang on marketing.It hangs on the Cross. Dont miss RADICALIIS

What he really means according to CRN is that IF CRN says church growth hangs on the cross…it is valid and truthful. When Warren says it, its wrong, horse-pocky… a new-age-bald faced lie. He’s not being truthful.

Just remember, when a discernmentalist states “X” it MUST BE true, when someone we don’t like states the same thing….its a lie, its phony.

This is discernmentalist logic….


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