Online Discernment Lesson # 4 Offend!

Remember, folks we are in a truth war….and when at war one needs to cause offense. That is why we offer this FREE lesson on discernment.

Here it goes….

Step One: Don’t comprehend your opponents views. Don’t even try, because they are liberal and liberal people are not worth understanding.

Step Two: Misinterpret your opponents views to mean something else. If your opponent says “X” adjust it to mean “Y.” Never let the liberal get the upper hand.

Step Three: (This is VERY IMPORTANT).Once you have misread your opponent, verbally paint that person as a liberal, or post-modernist (or worse they secretly love catholics). In other words call them names like “liberal”; remember…liberal is a bad name. Use it….because liberals can’t be saved. Be obnoxious! Cause offense, because only then can the gospel be apprehended. Remember, anything the enemy says should be used and twisted to say what you mean. You control the meaning….remember this is about control. Because truth needs to be controlled.

Finally, remember to throw terms around you don’t understand as well (like liberal or post-modern) and apply it to those you don’t like.

Dr. Truthslayer

2 Responses to Online Discernment Lesson # 4 Offend!

  1. How often do you write your blogs? I enjoy them a lot 3 9 8


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