Dr. I. Todyaso Undergoes Cybernetic Heresy Hunting Surgery

March 8, 2010

Dr. I. Todyaso underwent Cybernetic Heresy Hunting Surgery earlier today in order to increase our Heresy Hunting efficiency by 300% more than the average rate of other ODMs especially Ken Silva’s Raw Sewage Ministries. If Dr. I. Todyaso’s surgery goes well the rest of the Online Discernmentalist Mafia hope to follow suit bringing our Heresy Hunting accuracy to over 1000%. This new Cybernetic Heresy Hunting Surgery will also help in our preaching the Gospel of God’s Law and Wrath to all—pictured here:

Discernmentalist after undergoing Cybernetic Heresy Hunting Surgery threatens an Emergent heretic with the Gospel of God’s Law and Wrath and Hell.

We’ll also be able to teach Discernmentalist skills such as Self Righteousness to a wider range audience:

And in the end our army of Discernmentalists after undergoing Cybernetic Heresy Hunting Surgery will be able to bring Doomsday upon all that we deem heretical:

ODMafia offering part time studies in self righteousness

March 8, 2010

Many discernmentalists are simple hobbyists. That is not to say that they do not have something to say. We all know that WE discernmentalists have a voice and want to use it by saying it LOUD and PROUD. We like everyone to know our opinions, why we are right, and to be sure we want to be smug and haughty. Remember, this is a TRUTH WAR.

Often, and sadly many discernmentalists don’t have the time to immerse themselves into their deep reviews of ministries like Rob Bell , Rick Warren and NT Wright. That is why University of ODMafia now offers part-time studies….for those who cannot go to our highly famed place of study but can attend only a few hours a week. Learn all you can about self-righteousness, often right in front of a computer screen with our online-self-taught-self righteous specialty part-time BA.  No need to learn within the community of other believers (they are all likely apostate anyways and will undermine your pure doctrines). Soon you will be lording your insightful knowledge over others, and explaining to everyone why NT Wright is wrong…and you’re right!

Enroll now and change your life forever!

Dr. Truthslayer, approved!

PS Dr Waltin Martin Cassette Tapes are not included in this course and will incur additional costs.

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