False teachers are bold, arrogant and reckless! Thank goodness we’re not like them…

Our research robot monkeys have identified what a false teachers are according to 2 Peter. They are…

a) Bold

b) Arrogant

c) Reckless

d) Slander celestial beings or speak disrespectfully of church leaders…among others.

We are not like those false teachers. We don’t need to hold our tongues, or have controlled speech nor worry about trashing church leaders.  We are above that because our pure doctrines give us an exemption clause. In fact we have an Official Exemption Card that disavows us even from having to produce spiritual fruit. Remember the truth war is so dangerous (at this point in time) that we must fight lies with slander. We might remind discernmentalists that discernmentalists are above reproach and criticism. Criticism is to be leveled against everyone else! YOU GUYS. NOT US!!!

We need only fear everything we don’t understand. by condemning everything and everyone.

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