Big Brother

Our readers know that we have the best research robot monkeys that money can buy (or program, but not in a cult-like programming way!) This is what they have found regarding spiritual leadership…

We are to esteem our leaders… for their work (see first Thessalonians)

But again, discernmentalists are exempt. Our job is to accuse the brethren. Our job is to discernmentalize every move that Rick Warren, Rob Bell, Bill Hybels, Charles Colson, Charles Swindoll, NT Wright, Brian McLaren and Rob Bell makes….then  itemize, italicize, and criticize every word, thought or deed…especially their thoughts, like the ones that they do not write down, or speak about. When we’re not sure what the accused meant, we fill in the blanks to make them say what we think they will say. We say what they really mean. We are presumpteous (due to our rightousness) enough to discern this.

Remember, when we mean esteem, we mean attack.

We are Big Brother of the discernmentalist world!

8 Responses to Big Brother

  1. Alan says:

    Take them all on! But always keep in mind Matthew 7:2.

    Just make sure you are willing to be taken on yourself, including your inability to use the English language and invent pretend words.


  2. truthslayer says:

    We don’t tolerate dissension, or being judged, or being accused of creating new words. As a matter of fact any words we ‘create’ are automatically added to our discernmentalist dictionary and therefore become real words.

    Remember, a true discernmentalist….never makes mistakes….and its up to us to be judgmental. (-;


  3. itodyaso says:


    Isn’t it obvious that Alan is not as smart, intelligent, and handsome as we are? We need to overwhelm his ignorance with our greatness, as he seems not to see that what he wrote was unintelligible.

    What are we to be “taken on yourself” and what of our ability to use the English language? We use is as most that speak English do. To a degree, I would even say we write on a higher grade-average than most High School graduates do.

    We attempt to keep the Flesch reading score low so that those Emergents can read what we write. Likewise we all have our issues, (my own weakness is passive sentences) while another is spelling… yet, about that… one must consider we are a multi national blog? We have writers from the USA, Canada, and South Africa who contribute. Therefore, spelling will change as it does from country to country. If we get an English writer, then you will read a word like “colour” which is how it is spelled in the UK but looks funny to ignorant US folks.

    Now, what is unintelligible about what Alan wrote is the last part. Is Alan saying we do not have the ability to invent pretend words? If so that is ludicrous as why would he try to sound like a smarty pants and “take us on” when it is obvious we are sheer genius in doing that! On the other hand, is Alan saying we will be “taken on” because we do have the ability to create and make up words? You see dear Alan, clear writing is about communication, which, it seems you have greatly failed at in your comment. Therefore, I am sorry to say you Alan, you got a thumbs down.

    Oh, and be careful out there Alan, the road are dangerous this time of year.

    I. Todyaso


  4. addict says:

    Hey Allen, reread the disclaimer on top of the page about three times … at least that is what it took me. Some times absurdity can only be illustrated by the like.[Isn’t it obvious that Alan is not as smart, intelligent, and handsome as we are? We need to overwhelm his ignorance with our greatness, as he seems not to see that what he wrote was unintelligible.]’Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,’ Says the LORD of hosts.


  5. Alan says:

    Sheesh, someone writes a parody post and the readers get their knickers in a twist about lack of sense of humor. I thought maybe this was a blog of smart discernmentalists.


  6. truthslayer says:

    Alan, the only smart people here are the ODMafia-super-discernmentalists (we’re smart because we say say, and we are authorities on smartness). In addition, we have a great sense of humour (we are authorities on that too), and we secretly laugh at all the little people who come to this site, because only we have twist free knickers (secretly developed in our research labs) (-;

    Hope you enjoy and Keep coming back!


  7. brambonius says:

    Why rob Bell twice?

    Does it have something to do with his glasses?


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