Under Attack!

Once again we are under attack.

How do we know? Good question…. here it goes….

All rulers in all ages have tried to impose a false view of the world upon their followers (1984). We’re offering you a “special worldview.” This allows us to propagate our pure doctrines, but being so pure we are often under attack. By keeping everyone focused on the errors of others, we can thwart any ideas that we harbour any ourselves. Online Discernment Ministries are sort of like a perpetual motion machine. This machine needs a lot of hot air (ie energy) to perpetuate itself. If we run our of errors, we run out of an excuse for a ministry.

That is why we assume we are ALWAYS under attack. That is our default. Our worldview revolves around us being right, and you being in horrendous error (always). We need to believe people are out to attack us, subvert our ministry or church….obviously because our doctrines are so pure that they are bound to be viciously undermined. We are the Online Discernment Remnant!!!!

Again. we need to spotlight all that is wrong in others, to avoid others seeing wrong in us. If we don’t promote fear and legalism, people are liable to take hold of God’s Grace.


5 Responses to Under Attack!

  1. addict says:

    DO NOT STOP IT!!!! We can’t have people taking hold of God’s Grace how in the world could we controll them !! KEEP ON FIGHTING FOR THE LORD, becuase with out us you know the enemy is going to win.


  2. truthslayer says:

    Addict, we appreciate your support! If we were to succumb to God’s grace who knows what kind of people we may become, and no one to fight this truth war.


  3. Michael Lentz says:

    You also have my support, T-slayer. Grace is only for us, not anyone else. As discernmentalists we need grace for things like DUI’s, divorces, and stuff, but anybody else is out of luck. We have a true understanding of grace and mercy unlike the scum sucking emergents and followers of Rick Warren.


  4. truthslayer says:

    Michael, you are so RIGHT. Mercy over judgment is dangerous….that’s why it is always best to go with judgment. Grace for only a select few (almost none)…of our choosing.


  5. […] his salt. In fact we are always under attack because of the greatness of our doctrines and the Truthiness of our Truth. I repeat “we are ALWAYS under attack. That is our default. Our worldview […]


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