New game for discernmentalists….by discernmentalists.

March 17, 2010

Discernmentalists are all about games. Mind games, word games board games and the like. But this time we have outdone ourselves. We believe there are TOO MANY pharisees out there (like you). You do not submit to our mighty teachings – but you should.  We give thanks that we are NOT like them…we are glad we are not like you!

That is why we created this game, to remind ourselves about everyone else. We don’t associate with a lot of people (like you) simply because you are not holy enough to be around us. In fact most  Online Discernmentalist doctrines are simply not pure enough to even meet our standards and our rules .  This is what the game is all about – rules, morals & standards. For instance when we tithe…its at 10.5%, when we fast we don’t shave or comb our hair and make our hardship postings on facebook.

We are suspicious of everyone and assume the worst...BECAUSE we know you are sinners…and can’t possibly meet our standards (but you should). We think you should carry heavy loads (especially guilt), but we ourselves don’t have to have the same guidelines because we are above it all (that goes without saying). Indeed we like to point out the faults of others, but use different standards for ourselves….because we can….and we don’t not accept criticism well (you usually don’t when you are as perfect as us!)

I highly recommend this game!

Get that game finger out and start pointing!!!!!

Truthslayer endorsed!

PS Pastor iTodyaso and Don Jobson also encourage everyone to play this game at least once.

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