Emergents spread across globe….ODMs get concerned and angry

This chart is just in, and data collected and colated from our research robot monkeys from diverse Online Discernment Ministries suggest that the Emergent Hordes are spreading. Indeed the Emerging Hordes are dissemenating their anti-discernmentalist teachings & supressing the absolute truth. Candles, couches, house churches are popping up in ungodly places. Emphasis on trinitarian theology abounds! We fear soon that we will see Christocentric preaching (eeegads!!!) They engage in unbiblical things like stressing “conversation” with an interest in the ancient church while still looking forward!

Fear this now, believe us later.


PS On a serious note some have assumed that I’m part of the emergent church. Just for the record I’m not part of the “emergent church” but know people who are involved in the conversation of faith and support any of those within the pale of Christian orthodoxy and indeed those who are challenging unhealthy traditionalism.


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