Thank goodness Eric Barger’s Take a Stand Ministries is constantly discerning, so that we don’t have to apply any mental effort at all. Barger states “Though it’s impossible to be completely sure just exactly why Obama has amended President Reagan’s order, it is no stretch to imagine that his reasons do not include protecting the United States, its citizens and our sovereignty. We may hear that this executive order was amended just to afford INTERPOL agents the ability to track terrorists on our soil or some such explanation. However, before we give a sigh of relief, it would be wise if the Bible-believing Church recognized that when Antichrist first sets about reining in his opposition, he’ll undoubtedly use the same tactics and the same type of phony excuses to cover his true intentions.”

Phony excuses and tactics? What would that look like?

Would that be like using fictitious stories to invade countries like Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan? Would that mean for instance having a media that interviews 99% of its sources (see BBC) from a pro-war, defence-contractor connected opinions to invade say Iraq? Could that also mean a myriad of over hyped stories to invade, set up fales-flags, terrorize or to train death squads in regions like Nicauragua, Cuba, Grenada, or Honduras? I realize that these evil countries are ready to pounce on America, even INVADE America at a moments notice with their mighty aircraft carries, stealth fighters, and their 5 commando units. We respect the fact that 22 CIA agents were involved in kidnapping in a foreign country….but that is not anti-Christ because it was under Bush’s administration and Republicans would never act anti-christlike. It simply was a pro-American thing to do…. violate a foreign countries citizens.

Bible-believing bible believers need to understand that we need to look to Reagan to solve all our problems! We know that a Democrat could be the anti-Christ, because by default they are not true believers. Finally, we need to watch out for Obama, because an executive order that will lead to world domination and the anti-christ. His first trick already is to insist on a better health care system.


PS Please remind Take A Stand Ministries that you take a stand!


2 Responses to Anti-christ!

  1. donjobson says:

    Eric Barger gave us the exclusive rights to sale and distribute the movie version of this: The Obamen.


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