Brian McLaren reveals: A new kind of Christian

March 30, 2010


Brian McLaren best known for his image on the popular heretic trading cards found in Calvin Crunch Cereal, revealed what A New Kind of Christian will look like when his New Kind of Christianity will be implemented across the globe. The audience gasped in horror as Brian McLaren (Also known for a couple of books he has written) showed pictures of the first of the New Kind of Christians that have been spotted on the New Frontier. This new “Christian” is called the Ankoc, which we know that if translated into Hebrew, then Greek, then Latin, then back into English, then adding a m and an l we get Mollok. Mollok is close to Molech that is also close to Rupert Murdoch who sells porn as well as Rick Warren books. As you can see this is much more complicated that it needs be. If you just take our word for it, you will be safe to know that we know and we are saying is all of Satan somehow.  We must also be aware that Brian McLaren is using OUR OWN TECHNIQUES of linking to ourselves! Ken Silva who is the master at incestuous self linking who realized that by doing so raises your Google rating and gives the appearance of high volume readership, seems to have taught Brian McLaren this technique! Of course Ken Silva is master enough to call Brian out for using Ken’s original idea.

Conference coming…sponsored by NUTella.

March 30, 2010

Attention Truthwarriors!!! A truth conference is coming to NEW YORK CITY and this is a must for any true ministry of biblical truth defending. We advise you to sign up fast since seats are limited. Please keep in mind that iTodyaso, DonJobson and Truthslayer will be the main speakers at this fantastic biblical event, and big media (FOX NEWS, and Rush Limbaugh) will be there to cover their speaking engagements. We will do our best to concentrate our focus on unessentials, and to cause further division in the name of truth.

NUTella… putting the NUT back into discernment.


Seeing it our way.

March 30, 2010

You must learn to see things the way WE see things. Remember what George Orwell once said “It is impossible to see reality except by looking through the eyes of the Party. ” When he writes “Party” he means Discernmentalist. Remember, WE have the truth. You must imbibe the truth from us. Unhinge your brains and allow us to think ‘biblically’ for you. IE Rob Bell doesn’t have the truth because we say it is so. If you deviate from our doctrinal script you too will be under OUR wrath and therefore NOT a true believer. Don’t anger us because we have the absolute truth and that will force us to discernmentalize you as well.

Eric Barger’s Take A Stand Ministries says it best….”Their unorthodox view of the Christian faith, including doctrine and solo scriptura, aided in drawing many who were seeking a self-styled Christianity rather than the biblical version.” You will do well to see things OUR way (the biblical version)….the ONLY way. Do do deviate, do not disagree. Reality can only be perceived properly if you see it thru our eyes…. the biblical version, our version.



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