Conference coming…sponsored by NUTella.

Attention Truthwarriors!!! A truth conference is coming to NEW YORK CITY and this is a must for any true ministry of biblical truth defending. We advise you to sign up fast since seats are limited. Please keep in mind that iTodyaso, DonJobson and Truthslayer will be the main speakers at this fantastic biblical event, and big media (FOX NEWS, and Rush Limbaugh) will be there to cover their speaking engagements. We will do our best to concentrate our focus on unessentials, and to cause further division in the name of truth.

NUTella… putting the NUT back into discernment.


One Response to Conference coming…sponsored by NUTella.

  1. donjobson says:

    Not only that we’ll be introducing several new course materials at this conference including the all new Revisionist Discernmentalist History Training Test which provides:

    factual world history essays followed by a commentary in a biblical perspective. A Christian worldview of history believes that from creation to the return of Jesus Christ, history pivots on His resurrection.

    Our ministry aims to benefit the nearly one million homeschool students in the United States, of whom an estimated 80% have Christian affiliations. Additionally, located in 115 countries, are over one million ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International) students that have access to our essays.

    “Hyper” refers to more than 10,000 hypertext links which join together our nearly 2,000 essays. Some AP students use our essays to prepare for the “Advanced Placement Revisionist and Discernmentalist World History” exam.

    And our new tests and educational materials for confused and cultist Christians—here is a sample from our resources and tests:

    Click here for the only sure way to avoid being deceived by a cult.

    What is a cult?

    The emergents make the following dogmatic claims: Postmodernism is absolutely right and every other opinion is absolutely wrong. The emergents change one cultural bondage for a more entangled cultural bondage. Emergents falsely claim that Biblical Christianity is modernism. Emergents seek to capture a sacred feeling without ever touching the real Jesus. Emergents use the self-refuting false logic of relativism. The Emerging movement envisions a utopia. Unlike Christianity, Emergent “Church” defines the human mind as basically good and capable of generating knowledge without the benefit of observation or revelation–this is relativism and liberalism.

    Author/Compiler: Bob Stenson (unless otherwise noted)
    Last updated: 2010-03-17 20:50:15


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