Billions and billions discerned!

McTruthwarrriors is the most important truth warror fast-food restaurant of all times. With each burger served they include a bible based truth-quote from a MIGHTY TRUTH WARRIOR, or a false teaching emergent horde. They have been successful at discerning billions and billions of bits of information. Emerging quotes are organized, paraphrased, truncated and then passed from restaurant to restaurant until all context has been divorced from the original understanding. Then once it has been circulated over a billion times it is passed through the Discernment of Ministry Orthodoxy Religiously Organized Naysayers (MORON)  where it is recycled again by affiliate truth warrior restaurants such as Pizza Slice of Laodicea, Apprising Burgers, and Eric Barger’s Take A Hotdog Stand Ministries and Foods.

Emerging Horde Quote:   “I truly pray that churches and Christians see past the non-essential doctrinal and methodological differences and unite on mission together. Essentials to me are doctrines like the Trinity, salvation through Jesus alone and atonement through the cross, inspiration and authority of Scripture, repentance, future judgment etc……..non-essentials are tradition and denominational preferences, modes of baptism and things like that. ” Dan Kimball

Once this quote is filtered and recycled it will be spun to mean that Dan Kimball actually minimizes essentials and seeks to question biblical authority or the cross. Indeed, anything that affirms biblical Christianity will actually be construed as the opposite. Finally, this quote will suggest that Dan is trying to undermine all that Christianity stands for… which will prove once again that the Emerging Hordes are anything but biblical…and ALL emergents stand for the same things.


4 Responses to Billions and billions discerned!

  1. itodyaso says:

    Yes, this is a perfect article! You see where Dan Kimball goes wrong is by bringing up Baptism. On that we ODM’s stand united though we disagree! Dan is a fool… Chris Rosebrough is a Lutheran who teaches baptismal regeneration while Ken Silva disagrees with that. Ingrid practices and observes Advent, which Ken Silva states is evil as it looks like Roman Catholicism… So, to say we cannot disagree makes Dan Kimball a LIAR! I mean, we have all united against an evil enemy that we decide by our own unwritten knowledge and DISCERNMENTALISM©. Yes, we are united by hate.


  2. Dan says:

    Darn. You found me out..


  3. addict says:

    Dan are you sure you are TRULY praying ? how can we be sure ? //Rev 12:10 Then I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, “Now salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of His Christ have come, for the accuser of our brethren, who accused them before our God day and night, has been cast down. \\ Discernment of Ministry Orthodoxy Religiously Organized Naysayers [[(MORON) the accuser of our brethren]]…satire aside love you guys


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