Using the broadbrush!

Discernmentalists (that is the biblical ones) KNOW that we must paint the world with a broad brush. If one Emerging is a heretic all Emergings are heretics. The many are judged by one. This also goes for Roman Catholics. We can’t judge them by commonalities such as the Nicene or Apostles Creed, or holding to the divinity of Jesus or his resurrection. No, we must judge them entirely on the basis of secondary issues such as prayers to Mary…. and if some do it, they all do it. Therefore, they are all false and not Christian.

Of course we wouldn’t do that to our fellow Protestants. The Episcopal Church in the USA ordained a gay bishop, Benny Hinn produces very questionable…ahem miracles, John Hagee denied the Messiahship of Christ, and Ted Haggard came out gay. There are numerous understandings to authority of scripture, some do not teach inerrancy, and others don’t necessarily understand sola scriptura (or even teach it) the same way… yet we do not entirely reject Protestantism wholesale. We’re all about consistency…right?


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