A true discernmentalist game! We’re never sorry, are you???

NEVER SORRY is for the true discernmentalist at heart. A true discernmentalist never says “SORRY.” He or she never apologizes because of always being right. We have nothing EVER to apologize over because we already have true doctrines, and therefore we can rightfully accuse others without feeling guilty.

That is why this game was created…. to reinforce a simple fact that we are NEVER SORRY. You don’t need to be.

When you are so right, everyone else must be so wrong. Fun for the whole family,

Play the game today (Guaranteed pagan and heathen free)!

Truthslayer endorsed!

3 Responses to A true discernmentalist game! We’re never sorry, are you???

  1. Snardiff says:

    Don’t you think that before you demand that someone says they’re sorry, you have the obligation to show why you think they’re in the wrong?


    • itodyaso says:

      When someone demands us to say we are sorry, we just revert to the Good Ole days and just say, “No.” Apologies are a sign of weakness! We are the ones that demand apologies as well as judge whether they are sincere or not. If you disagree Snardiff, the you need to apologize to us RIGHT NOW before we take away your salvation!



  2. truthslayer says:

    Snardif the POINT is that we Discernmentalists NEVER EVER have to say sorry…. because we are always always right.

    When we are arrogant it is because it is holy arrogance.

    When we misquote the bible (or whomever) it is because we are in dire need to preserve the truth… at all costs.

    When we malign someone, it is because what we do is always holy.

    It is YOU who needs to say sorry, never us. We are a discernment ministry who knows best… all the time. We are not like you sinners.



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