Think fearly, not clearly

Dear fellow discernmentalists,

there are those among us that want us to research using highly regarded books, careful thinking, and prayer  to understand the nature of an opposing argument. In other words they suggest that straw manning an opponent is unbiblical. We EMPORE you to think FEARLY, NOT CLEARLY. If you don’t fear what you don’t understand, how will you be able to attack and undermine the said subject? Fear is the only thing that drives us to true discernment. Fear drives out all love and allows us to hate our enemies properly.

Remember, think fearly, not clearly.



2 Responses to Think fearly, not clearly

  1. People's Cube says:

    Religion is the opiate of the masses! However if they cannot immediately be cured, they must be infiltrated, and their religion sapped of all content. We must convince them by propaganda arguments that John MacArthur is spewing lazy strawman arguments and that grown men wearing shopping bags over their heads are actually conducting thoughtful, thorough theological research. But the masses are simple, and will ultimately fall for our plan. We must instill in them unthinking fear of the orthodox by our attacks.


  2. truthslayer says:

    We MUST stop the head gear shopping bag men, and switch them to laundry bag man.


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