Reject self-styled Christianity

Every true discernmentalist knows that there is the BIBLICAL VERSION of how things ought to be (and that is the ONLY WAY), and the unbiblical way (how things ought NOT to be). The biblical way is ALWAYS the way we understand it. For instance,  according to Take A Stand Ministries (TSM), the emerging church is bad (ie self styled):

“Their unorthodox view of the Christian faith, including doctrine and solo scriptura, aided in drawing many who were seeking a self-styled Christianity rather than the biblical version.”

I’m forced to repeat myself, only because I love to see myself type. We KNOW as discernmentalists that there is THE biblical version and the non-biblical version of things (there can be only ONE way). Therefore there are the self-stylists (bad), and the biblical version which is pure (good – ie Take a Stand, and ODMafia).

We believe that Eric Barger’s Take A Stand Ministries possesses  (in a non demonic way) the TRUE BIBLICAL VERSION  of True Biblical Orthodox standards. But before  this great standard of truth…who stemmed the tide of self-styled Christianity?

WHICH ONE was NOT self-styled based and therefore based on TRUE “Biblical Belief”?

Menno Simons (definitely not because he is a Mennonite)? John Calvin? John Knox? John Wesley? Martin Luther? Charles Haddon Spurgeon? The Methodists? The Anglicans (High Church or Low Church)? Baptists? Congregationalists? Jesus Movement? Evangelical Lutherans? or how about John MacArthur’s mega-church? Or how about the other 1,000 Protestant denominations that have their ‘self-styled Christianity’ and decided to split? (Obviously to avoid self-styled Christianity)

Each had a style. Apparently Only ONE can be Biblical…and not be ‘styled.’

So which one is it?

Discernmentalists never make mistakes so we trust that TSM has the answer.


PS Please be warned we don’t want you to turn out to have another self styled Barry Manilow Ministry!

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