May the Force be with us!

April 13, 2010


Everyday we make up develop new technology and lie and gossip bring you the latest news about the people we deem heretics. In fact, I was talking to a disciple of Eric Barger just yesterday I gave this question to.

Who is the heretic? Brian McLaren or Glenn Beck?

She responded in a knee jerk immediately with this! “Brian!” and then cited a video made by Eric Barger. I then asked her if she had read anything by Brian McLaren and she did not reply… but she stated after I pointed out that Glenn Beck was a Mormon that she did not agree with that, but agree 99% with everything else he said!

We praise God that this woman bows the knee to Caesar and understands the Constitution was handed down by God Himself. We cheer that she believes the USA is in fact, the very Kingdom Jesus preached about in the Bible.

Yes, Discernment Ministries like ours is making a difference. People no longer do research or think for themselves when we have our ministries around as well as those we have place in high power on the radio to convolute God’s truth bring you political truth. Soon the world will be run by us and no one will have to discern anything because you have given all over to us.  For the rest of you who resist? We will use force if we have to.

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