Twisted Truth…for truths sake.

April 15, 2010

Most of our faithful discernmentalists who come to our site to imbibe the absolute truth have realized by now that we have been attacked by one of our own (ie Eric Barger’s Take A Stand Ministries – TSM)

TSM notes “Carlos, That’s pretty incredible…an Emergent accusing somebody of twisting the truth.” We find it incredible too since Take a Stand Ministries prides itself with numerous truth stretching technologies such as the Bible-Based Satellite (BS) & Secret cloaking device for Bibles and exotic research technologies. TSM BS is full of surprises but is said to be purely absolute and biblical…at all times.

Here is some truth stretching by TSM that we have found (which we support)….

TSM suggests Emerging is “Experience over Reason,” yet Eric appeals to hearsay, rumour, against realism and facts as suggests the Emergent Horde Dan Kimball; Please Don’t Stereotype The Emerging Church. We must note that ODMafia support srumour as proper discernment researchmentalism.

TSM suggests Emerging is “* Spirituality over Doctrine” yet Gateway Church notes “This is what we call being intentional about spiritual growth or following Christ. In Gateway terms it includes loving God, building character, loving people and being the body.” But see here too! We know that any doctrine that suggests love, building character or the body of Christ is insidious and liberal.

TSM suggests Emerging is”* Subjective Feelings over Absolute Truth” and here is a concise fuzzy answer from an Emerger! ““I truly pray that churches and Christians see past the non-essential doctrinal and methodological differences and unite on mission together. Essentials to me are doctrines like the Trinity, salvation through Jesus alone and atonement through the cross, inspiration and authority of Scripture, repentance, future judgment etc……..non-essentials are tradition and denominational preferences, modes of baptism and things like that. ” Dan Kimball.  WOW Dan, way-way-way too much subjective-t0uchy-feeeely stuff for us to contend with!!

We prefer NEVER to put to test the MIGHTY TAKE A STAND MINISTRIES….since they must spend minutes (in a time warp) every day fact checking their sources.

Yours truly,


PS I did my research in 14.2 minutes flat.

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