The absolute truth

Everyone is quote aware that Apprising Ministries has devised (DIRT) Direct Interpretation Revelation and Translation to aid and abet discernmentalists across the world. According to Apprising Ministries the absolute truth can now be measured. It wasn’t easy but we are happy that a true discermentalist happened upon this discovery.

We have absolute zero, why not absolute truth??? Who cares if the term may weigh heavily upon modernism or foundationalism. True discernmentalists deal in absolutes and only absolutes. Black and white. No grays, no middle way, nor third way. This is a binary world baby!!!

Either you agree with us, or you agree with the enemy. One or the other. Absolutes.

Either your with Rob and against us or with us and against Rob. Our new black & white thermometer will be able to tell who is “IN” and who is “OUT,” within seconds of discernmentalizing based on the scale of Absolute Truth.


PS Just remember, George Bush Jr stated “Either your with us or against us…” Decide now!!!!!!!!

3 Responses to The absolute truth

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  3. People's Cube says:

    Yes! It is quote true! There are no grays, no middle way, no third way. In *ANYTHING*! I agree with you, absolutely!

    Bush is such an imbecile. At least Stalin never said that explicitly.


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