Online Discernment Lesson # 7: Distortion

June 1, 2010

Serious discernmentalists need to distort information….for truths sake.  Jim Belcher from the book Deep Church writes  “…in order for us to dialogue fairly, we must understand the movement, its protests and its core beliefs. Just as we do not want our views distorted, we must respectfully and fairly represent our dialogue partner’s views. We reject setting up a straw man just to knock it down.”

Non-sense! Allowing fair dialogue is the work of a worldly liberal. We  don’t need to understand a movement or its core beliefs, we need simply to display an opponent in unfavourable light (ie slander, lie, bend, twist, distort). If we repeat the distortion enough, most of you will A) Believe it B) Repeat it without verification. In other words you will begin to believe we are right…simply because we tell you how biblical we are and how wrong others are. We are depending on you not to think critically etc (that is the essence of a true discernmentalist).

So the lesson here is simple. Repeat something often enough “ie Rob Bell is a heretic” or “Buzz Aldrin is really an android” and people will begin to believe it.

What really matters in the end is that WE HAVE THE TRUTH…and we will bend it to our wills…in order to defend it.  After all, it is a truth war we are fighting.

Truthslayer (see other lessons) or get more info regarding our higher learnin’ discernmentalist university edumacation – don’t take it for granted)

PS George Costanza (Re: Seinfeld) once noted “…its not a lie if you believe it”

Finally Some More Pure Gospel Music…

June 1, 2010

…from the creators of God Hates The World:

This  is a great hymn which teaches the Pure Truth War Gospel of God’s Absolute Sovereign Wrath towards the 99% of humanity He chose not to limit His atonement for. And remember: “Stop prayin,’ stop prayin,’ God will not hear you anymore” as if God ever listened to all of you unrepentant unregenerate reprobated sinners to begin with. God hears not the prayers of the reprobate, for God hates you so much that He chose  to destroy and eternally burn you in hell before you were ever  born— but if you are like us Predestined and of the Regenerate Elect and therefore able to repent, you may repent if you wish—but repentance is unecessary and not required of the Elect, for we are already “Once Saved Always Saved” no matter what.

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