Never fear….Judgmental Man is here

Look – its a bird! Its plain….its Judgmental Man!

As any discernmentalist knows Judgmental Man is the greatest discernmentalist hero! No one can out-do Judgmental Man.

If he sees someone at a coffee shop with a bad word on his shirt, or a disreputable woman at a well…. he is the first to judge!

If he catches a band of rowdies getting ready to eat & not ritually washing their hands….he is the first to judge!

If he catches someone who does not have the same theological positions as him….he is the first to judge!

If sees a bum on the street he challenges them by suggesting “Why don’t you get a job – you deadbeat!”

In fact there is nothing like condemning the condemned.

What we need in this world is more moralism. Its about being clean on the outside, looking good, and feeling good – like Judgemental Man. Don’t for a second think it is about an inward washing! When Judgmental man is accused of being judgmental he reminds them that what he really does is DISCERNMENT MINISTRY, then selectively quotes to show us how we should be so discerning. If only we could entertain more judgment…and true Christianity would be brought forth in our mighty militaristic, mammon loving nation (which we approve of).

Finally I remember these words that I will treasure always “For God so hated the world that he begrudgingly gave His only Son so that those selected may become mighty discernmentalists.” We rejoice that Judgmental Man gathers  followers who have an itching ear for all the ills of the Christian faith and loves to peddle his wares on DVD.

Your mightiest truthwarrior -Truthslayer

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One Response to Never fear….Judgmental Man is here

  1. donjobson says:

    Judgmental Man is a True Discernmentalist Hero for generations to come.


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