My T-Shirt experience!

The other day I wandered into my favorite coffee shop proudly wearing my new and favorite T-shirt. I was amazed when someone read it and looked confused. I even saw some supposedly “Christians” who looked startled and tried to not make eye contact with me. Even the lady taking my order in the coffee shop seemed annoyed with me! I could not for the life of me understand why these people would treat me so unfairly. I felt persecuted for having my faith expressed on the front of my t-shirt. I ordered my coffee and decided to leave the coffee shop for fear of my bodily harm. As I was leaving someone finally asked me if I believed what it stated on my t-shirt, and I proudly stated, “Yes, madam I sure do!” She looked sad, and stated judgmentally, “I feel sad you believe God hates people, have you ever heard of Jesus?”… I mocked her to her face stating in a mimicry voice, “Have YOU ever heard of Jesus?”

 As I turned away from her I overheard others thanking the woman. As I left the coffee house I shouted the core truth of the ODM gospel, “I have good news to share with you today! God hates you and you are all going to hell!” I then turned and walked out and vowed to never go into that “Christian” coffee house again. It was obvious it was a Emergent coffee house with all the sinners and God haters in there!

5 Responses to My T-Shirt experience!

  1. truthslayer says:

    Good to see that you stood up for the TRUE faith!


    • itodyaso says:

      I have pledged to stand on the neck of truth until it snaps! That is how committed I am to OUR TRUE faith!



  2. Arthur McJohn says:

    It happened to me something similar when I picketed with my “God hates fags, figs and fog” sign


    • itodyaso says:

      We must not forget that God hates shrimp… though I personally love it. But unlike gay people and those un-elected, I am under grace and can overlook portions of the bible. If I ever catch an Emergent eating shrimp, I would assume he supports gay marriage. Why? Guilt by association. If anyone questions my logic, it means they are not saved.



  3. […] horribly blasphemous and ungodly false and grace-denying doctrines. This is why when we say that God hates all you unregenerate reprobated apostates we mean it in the most Absolutely Biblical […]


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