Introducing WWJMD? (What would John MacArthur Do?)

4 Responses to Introducing WWJMD? (What would John MacArthur Do?)

  1. rzhblog says:

    It is not so much what John MacArthur would do more than what he would say on a particular person, doctrine, book, church, or ministry.

    Typically his parrots take something that John MacArthur has written or said out of context to prove whatever they desire to condemn or approve as being John MacArthur endorsed.

    God forbid that these parrots of John MacArthur trust the Holy Spirit and God’s Word alone to make any decisions independent of the authority of John MacArthur. John MacArthur is the final authority this side of Heaven as one cannot trust the Holy Spirit along with God’s Word to aid in making independent decisions if you are a John MacArthur parrot.

    Denise of Surph’s Side blog in the wacky world of spiritual discernment is an excellent example of the use of John MacArthur to prove whatever Denise desires to be condemned to Hell to burn eternally in Hell fire. John MacArthur said it and it cannot be questioned; even Denise’s use of MacArthur cannot be questioned.


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  3. benjamin ady says:

    OMFSM, I thought my friend Karla was the only one. Wow. Waddya know?


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