Dear fans of ODmafia

Dear fans of ODmafia,

You know my pedigree. I was born via wedded bible believing Republican parents, and  was baptized as an adult believer. Moreover, I am a true bible believing double predestination Calvinist who listens to John MacArthur on the radio every morning, Todd Friel in the afternoon, and Apprising and Eric Barger in the evenings. I’m a strict adherent to God’s word, particularly ignoring the beatitudes which are reserved only for liberals and emergents….I’m so devout that I go on persecution binges to tease out those false teachers and heretics – pretty much everyone except those whom I approve of. As you know I’m meticulous about my observance of the word and therefore I more than anyone else take a true stand in defending the  truth and discernmentalism. Please join me in Taking A Stand.

Remember, never doubt me. Never question my articles or missives. They are right because I am right and have crystal clear discernmentalist qualities. Doubt me and you should doubt your faith, and secretly harbouring liberal viewpoints.


7 Responses to Dear fans of ODmafia

  1. Bible Monkey says:

    your sounding soft. You didn’t tell us how many books you believe in. It should be 66. What Solas and what 5 points and how many cats and whether you were “fooling” or not…


  2. truthslayer says:

    How dare you insult a truth warriors of truth warriors. I infer, and when I do infer…that means that you have to read my mind and assume as a default that I believe in the 66 books and the 5 solas.

    Never question my inference, or lack of statements to mean negation of belief. To do so will result in being banned from this great ministry for intervals of 60 seconds at a time.


    • Bible Monkey says:

      You forgot the 5 points, cats and whether you were “fooling” or not…so now my emergent radar suspicions are up.

      I’m going to have to turn you in and have a couple d-i-s-s-e-r-n-m-e-n-t ministries check you guys out because I can’t tell if your one of “them”.


      • truthslayer says:

        I suspected right. My Rick Warren threat level has reached critical mass, and my bible based bible convictions tell me something is not right. Anyone who would dare challenge the mighty truth slayer with any attempt to discernmentalist or criticize my mighty ministry means that you probably once read a Rob Bell book or once had something nice to say about Brian McLaren.

        My 5 points are tingling!


  3. itodyaso says:

    I have both of you on my check list… though, anyone with “monkey” in their name I hold to the highest of suspicions. I happen to know that Truthslayer as he tithes regularly to me. Anyone that supports this ministries gets a free pass on a few things. Those that do not, well there is a hell you know… and it is hot!


  4. Jesus Reyes says:

    I was saved from Unitarian Universalism when I, inadvertently and inexplicably, discovered that I was predestined to salvation. I am very interested in the “double predestination” of which you speak. I think I may be one. It has a very nice ring to it. I very much like the way you name names. I think I have much to learn from you.


  5. […] From what I’ve viewed so far I’m impressed but have one quick question for you: could you please tell me your standing on the 5 points of Calvinism? Do you believe in TULIP? The “Divines of Dort’? Just what manner of Calvinists are you […]


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