We need more suit and ties needed than any other time in history!

Very Concerned Nazarenes against unapproved t-shirts is acting fast.  They are more angry, and more righteous  and more concerned than other people who generally make the claim of being concerned (like Extra Concerned Nazarenes who are not affiliated with Very Concerned Nazarenes!) We are very-extra-extremely-concerned (even more so than Very Concerned Nazarenes). We worry that people like Dan Kimball and John Armstrong (rumoured to be attempting to take over the church) have been seen WITHOUT a suit and tie (even found lounging in unaproved t-shirts). Yes you HEARD it from us!

Thank-goodness that we have an approved attire wearing anti-t-shirt sloganeering truth warrior in our midst.  Indeed as a back-up we have John MacArthur too (who was born with a suit tailor made to his body).Where would we be today without such a mighty crusade? Thank-goodness our suit wearing crusader is not like those -t shirt wearers who are not worthy to tie up our dress shoes. We NEED more suits and ties today then any other time in history (that is why we created the Bible Based Suit).

If this crusade is a success everyone will soon be able to enter a Starbucks and see everyone dressed in suits and ties, or at least with T-shirts that are approved by Take A Stand Ministries & Very Concerned Nazarenes (we still do not think they are concerned enough!!!) The world will once more be safe for a morally driven society. ODMafia officially believes most t-shirt wearers are emergents from the future here to destroy the church in the present.


PS I never had to discard my unholy wardrobe since I have always believed a true Christian wears a suit (obviously blessed by a pre-approved doctrinally pure church). If you seek to have the same standards that I have (which are perfect) you will do the same….or face my wrath and a wagging finger.

3 Responses to We need more suit and ties needed than any other time in history!

  1. Tim Worth says:

    I recommend this web-page as a real solid biblical based site which offers a wealth of materials. I recomend this site to my brothers and sisters in the Lord

    As you point out, the concerned Nazarenes are solid. Had the chance to meet some a few months ago at a seminar in Maine

    Those other Nazarenes, especially those professors, have been a real sore spot with me, but I just praise God that we have this site which is a great source of biblically solid articles and materials

    Its my opinion that the Nazarene denomination will be totally destroyed by the infiltration of the Emergent Church and liberal, unbiblical, psuedo,faux Christianity and on that day as we stand in the ruins we will be looking for biblically solid articles and materials

    We visited the Vatican Museums as well as the Sistine Chapel. Beautiful artwork though much of the focus of the artwork was on Mary as is the way of the Catholic religion. It is a great example of how Michalangelo ia a poor misguided soul

    It shows how deception has over taken many who call themselves Christians.

    A great lack of discernement has manifested itself within the Body of Christ.

    I thank God there are people like you and like me who can be a great source of biblically solid articles and materials and can show people how the end times have wrought a lack of discernment.


  2. Bible Monkey says:

    I take it there’s a lot of problems with this (Stryper).


  3. donjobson says:

    Yes we do need more suits and ties as all the greats preached in them: Calvin, Spurgeon, John MacArthur, Jesus and of course Yours Truly. I even shower, lounge around and sleep in my suit and ties and of course all my suits and ties are stain-resistant so that I’ll always be ready to preach the Good News of God’s Law, wrath and hatred of all non-Elect sinners.

    P. S. Also remember to never wear robes and stoles or black suits with white collars like the heathen Catholics do or else you’ll go to hell.


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