We proudly support them…

Taking off where Senator McCarthy should have left alone, we welcome McCarthy Ministries in full partnership with ODMafia. We also believe they if we suspect you of ‘red’ you are probably spiritually dead as well. In fact the only good commie is a dead commie.

How do we define commie?

1) You criticize capitalism

2) You criticize corporations

3) You think sharing your possessions is biblical.

4) You believe that Christians should be socially engaged in aiding the poor.

5) You are not troubled by the word ‘social’ in a sentence.

6) You believe that some form of universal health care could be beneficial.

If you detect any one of these attributes in ministry, friend, family or enemy REPORT them to us at once so that we might discernmentalize them immediately. Remember, we have FOURformidable foes battling the church today; Islam, Emergents, people who use candles in worship and Commies (remember this is absolute biblical truth). We must do our do diligence and fight these enemies. Remember, our weapons are of flesh and blood, in name calling and verbal attacks!

Stay with me friends…we must fight!


5 Responses to We proudly support them…

  1. Tim Worth says:

    Thanks for your inciteful analysis. Identifying the Four Foes is very useful for me. I like to be able to able to speak of the enemy in memorable memes such as alliterative labels and sound bites.

    I am concerned that “Islam” doesn’t immediately invoke the imagery of “ground zero mosque building” I am also concerned that “commie” may have become an undefined pejorative in that meaningless USG political lexicon and doesn’t invoke social gospeling and liberation theologizing.

    It is very useful to me to be able to identify the enemy in sound bites


  2. truthslayer says:

    Thanks Tim, we like to be as general as possible with our spiteful (oops inciteful) analysis. We believe that labels are the best way to shut up our foes. If we can stereotype them it is easier to lead our readers in this mighty crusade.

    Please join us for more!


    • donjobson says:

      I support Sound Bite Christianity in all of it’s Missive Glory from Ken Silva to El Rushbo. In fact when we run out of enemies to attack we should invent new enemies to attack.


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  4. […] News and Glenn Beck have come under attack by Lew Rockwell says McCarthy Ministries. Note Thomas DiLorenzo of Lew Rockwell.Com has stated: I’ve been occasionally watching Glenn Beck […]


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