Subtlety no object for true discernmentalists!

Since our partnership with McCarthy Ministries we have been hell-bent on detection of social gospelers, communists, closet commies, universal health-care enthusiasts and people who share their private possessions. Unfortunately far too often communist sympathizers go undetected or worse commie proselytizers are left to wander the streets and eat our food and drink our water. We are shocked and dismayed to find Take A Stand Ministries secretly promoting and peddling socialism while pretending to be a true bible believing ministry. It just makes me ill. It did not take us long to detect RED in his “Take A Stand” logo. He has secretly embedded his socialist message not in his heading but below it to throw off readers (ie to make them feel less threatened by his red faced secret socialist message, slowly undermining the gospel).

We can’t be fooled.

Don’t be fooled either. Remember if its red, its wrong!


PS We have reason to believe that if Take A Stand is “red” they are likely Red Letter Christians and sympathetic to Emergings!

4 Responses to Subtlety no object for true discernmentalists!

  1. Bible Monkey says:

    Oh for crying out loud, I’m seeing red in this posting, twice. It’s making my emergent radar tingle wildly beyond belief. I’m glad yellow is safe.


  2. […] McCarthy Ministries has done it again. They’ve caught Bible Monkey  in the midst of “Pinkness” which is practically Red for all of our paranoid purposes. McCarthy Ministries has also drawn up a list of character traits to be suspect of: […]


  3. truthslayer says:

    Bible Monkey somebody must be tinkering with your spectacles or worse…..

    We do not, not will ever employ the colour red in our blog. Perhaps you need to recalibrate your monitor. Remember, online discernment ministries DON’T MAKE ERRORS, so the problem must be with your eye site.


  4. GodChoseMeNotYou says:

    “The last month in Israel was a real battle. My wife was attacked with premature birth pains — a result of dehydration and heat stress, but in the final analysis, an assault of the devil.”

    Hallelujah, at last someone is questioning the physical reality of human beings. There is no physical breakdown of the body, only spiritual battles which attack those in spiritual dischord with God. Honestly, I don’t even believe God created the earth literally. To my fellow Truth Warriors, know also that I do not believe the Genesis account of creation is untruthful. It is simply a metaphor for the exclusively and completely non-corporeal reality of our human existence. This website is not a technological tool to be used to teach God’s wrath on all those that don’t understand his grace; it is actually the overwhelming presence of God’s Holy Angel of Infinite (but Definite) doing his mighty work to coerce people back into his loving arms. If anything ever appears to you to have a physical aspect, you are being blinded by the Devil. In fact, once you are blinded, you can not read the Bible correctly, interpret authoritative sermons, or even think logically (for logic itself is God’s enemy). There is nothing you can do. Once blinded, always blinded. Unless God chooses your sorry spirit. Which, he didn’t.


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