McCarthy Ministries Puts Bible Monkey On Watchlist

McCarthy Ministries has done it again. They’ve caught Bible Monkey  in the midst of “Pinkness” which is practically Red for all of our paranoid purposes. McCarthy Ministries has also drawn up a list of character traits to be suspect of:

6 Responses to McCarthy Ministries Puts Bible Monkey On Watchlist

  1. Bible Monkey says:

    Look here, in the past week there’s been more RED on this blog than mine. In fact, one could say your in “bed” with “red.” Don’t make me read a Brian McLaren book.


  2. truthslayer says:

    One again, Bible Monkey, it is always worth repeating myself for the sake of the edification of our millions of readers who intelligently never question my authority, spelling or bible discernmentalism “Bible Monkey somebody must be tinkering with your spectacles or worse….. We do not, not will ever employ the colour red in our blog. Perhaps you need to recalibrate your monitor. Remember, online discernment ministries DON’T MAKE ERRORS, so the problem must be with your eye site.”


    • donjobson says:

      My colleague Truthslayer is Right (Wing) we support the Truth Biblical Red on our American flag and made manifest by Jesus’ spilled blood for the Elect and the Elect only (us good and Godly Americans who support war, torture and capitalist greed)!


    • Bible Monkey says:

      Funny…I did just today get new glasses…I paid a lot of money for spectacles that just slide down my nose.


  3. truthslayer says:

    Bible Monkey, it is VERY likely that an emergent made your glasses that are causing you to see red due to the fact that they slide down your face. It is also likely that your nose is angled like a liberal causing this to happen. You may need a serious operation or you may want to change opticians to avoid emergent eye doctors.


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