Eric Barger saves planet earth!


Actual simulation of the event as Eric Barger described it!

In a rare moment of courage, Eric Barger stood up to an actual enemy instead of made up ones! Martians emerged from the sky yesterday and began spreading Martianisms at Eric Barger’s church. In a moment straight out of an H G Wells movie, Eric Barger stopped the evil emerging horde of Martians by… sneezing on them. At first the Martians were just disgusted, then after wiping off the mucus, they read a chapter of Eric Barger’s book on UFO encounters, laughed and determined there was no intelligent life on planet earth. We here at the ODMafia are proud to say that shoddy research saved you and if you keep supporting us, we will keep it coming.

6 Responses to Eric Barger saves planet earth!

  1. Tim Worth says:

    I just had a compulsive and inexplicable need to send Eric Barger money. I just wrote a chech for $10,000. Somehow, I feel liberated. Does Eric have a seed faith ministry? I guess I should have checked first.


  2. Eric Barger says:


    Thanks anyway but I never got the check. Must have been eaten by aliens from Billings.


    • itodyaso says:

      The false accusation of stealing will be written down in my little notebook. We are watching you Eric Barger! Even if you just saved the world… no one is safe from the probing probes of the ODMafia and your other Discernmentalist “friends”.


    • donjobson says:

      I blame Ron Paul, he just stole the CPAC Straw poll—them aliens did it.


  3. […] against the wars. If the terrorists wins the antichrist comes. Oh and We blame Lew Rockwell and the emerging aliens on this too but also pseudo-scientifix polls not based on Biblical […]


  4. ED Decker says:

    I uhnderstand that these aliens creatures were not from Mars after all, but actaully young gods and goddesses sent in embryo form from the Mormon planet near the great star Kolob, here to gain bodies so they can vote for Mitt Romney and usher in the great thousand year Mormon theocratic kingdom of [the lds] god.

    Thank goodness Eric was there to repel these demon creatures..


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